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Unlocking decarbonization through real transparency on emissions

Organizations are under increasing pressure to decarbonize, but struggle to create transparency on emissions across their value chains (Scope 3). The Partnership for Carbon Transparency (PACT) is resolving this challenge by developing the global methodological and technological infrastructure needed for product-level emission accounting and exchange. The Pathfinders PACT is putting in place will empower organizations to tackle and reduce emissions at the scale needed.

Ensuring consistent and comparable carbon accounting

Pathfinder Framework

The quality and comparability of emissions data is impeded by diverging accounting methods and the resulting lack of consistent rules to calculate and report product carbon footprints. The Pathfinder Framework creates clear guidance for carbon accounting along value chains, supporting organization in sharing their emissions data with customers and suppliers.

Pathfinder Framework

Enabling the exchange of primary data across value chains

Pathfinder Network

Today, organizations are unable to reliably exchange emissions data across their value chains. Without access to primary data, full transparency and hence decarbonization are difficult to achieve. The Pathfinder Network facilitates the peer-to-peer exchange of such data by creating a standardized approach and ensuring interoperability between tech solutions.

Pathfinder Network

Fostering collaboration and integration

Pathfinder Ecosystem

No organization can achieve transparency alone. The Pathfinder Ecosystem brings together stakeholders from a range of industries, technology players, industry-focused initiatives, standard-setting organizations, reporting bodies and regulators to leverage synergies and combine extensive expertise towards a common objective.


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