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Pathfinder Ecosystem

Fostering collaboration and integration

Pathfinder Ecosystem


With value chains and industries so intrinsically linked – one company’s Scope 3 emissions are another company’s Scope 1 and 2 emissions – no company can achieve transparency in isolation. There has been significant uptake of activity designed to resolve the challenges around Scope 3 emissions. Organizations are searching for and developing proprietary approaches, industry-focused associations are addressing their members’ most pressing concerns and the broader ecosystem has also started identifying the role it can play. What these efforts are lacking, however, is integration and harmonization.

What we are doing

We engage stakeholders from a range of industries, innovative technology providers as well as leading sector-focused initiatives to combine extensive expertise and create synergies. PACT brings these stakeholders together with disclosure organizations, standard-setting bodies and regulators, to ensure all stakeholders in the ecosystem work together and in close alignment towards their common goal.

This approach will enable more accurate GHG accounting and allow data exchange across value chains, industry boundaries and technology solutions, ultimately accelerating decarbonization efforts.

Our Core Collaborators

Driving industry action

PACT also supports selected priority deep-dives to drive specific industry-focused action and create broad alignment.

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